Friday, 6 July 2012

New Swedish Style Spoon...?

I would hate anyone to think I ever used my kids as an excuse, but the fact is that the financial practicalities of having four children and all the expense that goes with them is just one of the reasons I have never been on a Mike Abbott ladder back chair course, a Robin Wood pole lathe course, a Ben Orford forging course, a Peter Follansbee jointed stool course or a Barn Carder or Wille Sundqvist spoon carving course. So I have to make do with having a look at someone else's green woodwork and try and work it out for myself.

I have always admired the Sundqvist style scandinavian spoons, but never attempted one before so with a little time on my hands last night, thought I'd give it a go.

It's nowhere near as well formed or delicately shaped as one of Wille Sundqvist's, but for a first attempt, and considering it is not too green hawthorn which was a little harder than I would have liked and with enough nots and kinks that I should have just thrown it away before starting, and all in all I'm quite pleased with it. I particularly like the colour the hawthorn goes, almost as soon as you begin to cut it. This one I have made for a work colleague who does a lot of baking. I hope it works for her.

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