Thursday, 8 August 2013

Robin Wood Spoon Knife Review...

Having handled my new spoon knife, bought for £15 from Spoonfest, I was quite keen to carve a spoon and see how well it performed.

Now I should begin by saying I am not an expert nor a consoissuer of spoon knives, having used mostly a bog-standard frosts hook knife and a couple of times Julian's Svante Djarv, so I will be giving a purely subjective opinion of my new knife.

Anyway, perhaps most importantly, my first observation is that the knife is sharp.
I wanted to have a go at making an eating spoon, something a little thinner and more delicate. I had a piece of laburnum so thought I would use that.

Nice and thin with a shallow bowl for easier eating.

Experimenting with a new maker's mark - not sure what I think yet.

As far as the spoon knife is concerned? Brilliant. As I've already said, very sharp from the outset - no extra honing or stropping needed. Cuts clean without chatter. The straight section means you can use the knife for general whittling and trimming.The blade shape fits the concave of the spoon bowl perfectly for a shallower spoon, meaning you can achieve the bowl in a single cut, meaning less smoothing / scraping / sanding needed.

All in all, I really liked the knife and would happily recommend it above a frosts knife. I now would like to get a left handed version to make those reverse cuts a little easier.

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