Monday, 26 May 2014

Sharpening Stones

Went to my first car boot in a while today and picked up a nice natural sharpening stone. I often see these at boot sales and can't resist picking them up as they're usually just a couple of quid. This one is particularly nice in a smart wooden box with lovely patina.

It's difficult to see in the photograph, but the stone is almost green. I'd love to know more about these stones. I have to confess that of the many I have, I've only really used one of them as most of them need cleaning and flattening and I haven't got round to it yet.

This is the one that I use. It has a yellow colour with red veins, I have another one that is similar, though it's a bit browner (and needs a good clean).

This next one has a nice box and I think that it is a slate stone, that is used with water rather than oil.

I have a few black stones, all very similar. I don't know anything about them, but I know that you get black Arkansas stones that have a good reputation.

Eventually I'll get around to cleaning and flattening them all. Then I should take some time to test them out, see how fast they cut and how fine they are. If anyone reading this knows can shed any light on them, then I'd be grateful.

This morning I also managed to pick up a wire wheel that I need to restore a wood burning stove that I rescued from the side of the road and a couple of jars of old style slotted screws (look so much better than modern galvanised ones). I love boot sales.

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