Sunday, 22 February 2015

OWC Spring Spoon Moot Revision....

Having nailed my colours to the mast after my years of prevaricating about organising a Midlands Spoon Carving event, and saying that I would just choose a date and stick to it, it now falls to me to announce a change of date. It hadn't occurred to me when I first picked a random arbitrary date that it happened to be Mother's Day weekend and could thus be difficult for people to commit to. So, I am going to put it back a week to Saturday 21st March. I hope that makes it a little more practical for you folks who are wishing to join us.

I'm thinking it will be at my home - I'll post an address closer to the date in case I have to change it - and imagining a 2 o'clock start (hopefully this will give everyone time to do their Saturday morning chores with their significant others - shopping, swimming lessons, football practise, cleaning the bathrooms, etc) and then we'll just keep going till we've had enough. Once we are all together, if we decide we want to do it again sometime, we can decide if there is a better time/day of the week in future.

Anyway, I'm excited to meet some fellow carvers, enthusiasts, beginners, and those who are simply intrigued by the notion of grown people spending time carving wooden spoons when they are only 45p at Wilkos and so want to take a look at the freaks. See you there?

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  1. Thanks for changing the date, I'll see you on the 21st,