Wednesday, 6 April 2016

The Greenwood Guild

Last month I went with some friends to visit the Green Wood Guild in Stepney East London. The Green Wood Guild was set up about two years ago by Barn (the spoon) Carder and runs regular courses and workshops. They've produced this lovely video, which will do a much better job than me of explaining what they're about.

I encouraged the wives of some of my friends to buy them one of the Guild's whittling gift boxes for Christmas. The gift box included a Mora 106 carving knife and a voucher for their whittling introduction course. We used this as an excuse to have a boy's weekend in London and spent a couple of hours whittling at their workshop in Stepney City farm.

Doing a bit of chip carving on the train

The course was a nice introduction to working with a knife as instructor Tom taught us some different   grips to use whilst carving a spatula. There was a really nice atmosphere and everyone had a great time. I would definitely recommend checking out their website, they offer a very enjoyable alternative to anyone spending a day out in London. They also run some longer courses (day and weekend) and for those that live a bit closer they do evening classes. 

Jeff demonstrates the chest lever grip
Vince demonstrates the thumb push

Jamie demonstrates the shoulder push grip

Dave demonstrates the pull the knife towards you without stabbing yourself in the chest  grip

Nick acts weird

Some of the woodenware on display

The finished article

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