Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Old chopper....

It's quite a coincidence, really. I had been talking on the phone with Julian, discussing various carving issues (as you do) and we'd gotten onto the subject of splitting using a froe. Julian had mentioned a difficulty he'd had on a more delicate splitting job and I had suggested he tried what I'd heard some folk call a 'splitting knife' - what I'd always called a push knife (not, of course, to be mistaken for a push dagger, which is an altogether different animal). I then suggested he tried getting one of the old 'meat-cleaver' type froes, though where he would get one from I didn't know.

Mora push knife - sometimes used for splitting
friendly looking chap demonstrating how to welcome
someone to your home with a push dagger

Then, the next day, I went to a car boot and picked this up for 50 pence. I was very pleased and it made the usual futile and disappointing search for car-boot sales almost worth it (sufice it to say the big car boot which was advertised as being 'on' for the Bank Holiday was actually 'off').

I've had a little go with it and it will be perfect for indoors work and for those smaller jobs like spliting spreaders and thining down spoon blanks.

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