Sunday, 12 August 2012

Respect to Mr Hellman...

I first came across Sean Hellman on the Bushcraft UK websit some years ago, making contributions to discussions and sharing advice. I have never met him, but from what I have seen of his blog and youtube films he seems a real gent and is certainly generous with his knowledge and expertise.

Sharpening bushcraft and green woodworking tools is a favourite subject of those who indulge in these passtimes and I have read many threads and heard of all manner of sharpening instruments to do the various jobs - most of which will cost you a fortune (diamond impregnated stones, Japanese water stones, ceramic croc sticks, etc) and others that you can pick up for a reasonable price from ebay and carboots. Either way, it can be a bit confusing.

In preparation for Spoonfest, I thought I should put a new edge on my frosts spoon knife as I haven't done much but strop it occasionally since I bought it a couple of years ago. When I mentioned this to Ju he said I should take a look at a post that Sean had published on his blog. I did look and it is so simple and worked wonderfully - my knife has never been so sharp. I wont go into details - follow the link, and check out the rest of his blog if you haven't already- it's great.

(from left) 180 grit wet and dry paddle and dowl, leather strop paddle and dowl, MDF paddle, gold Flexcut stropping compound - oh, and a Mora spoon knife, of course

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