Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Spoonfest Episode 2 - Ju's Story

Why do you carve so many spoons? That was a question my wife asked me once, the truth is I haven't carved that many spoons, probably about ten, but other than whittling the odd tent peg when out camping, a spoon was the first thing I ever carved out of wood. It was, in fact, quite an important step on my journey into making things. I started off making knives for when I went out camping in the woods, but decided I wanted to do more than just sharpen sticks with them and so after reading books and searching the web it seemed that carving a spoon was like a rite of passage. I still have my first spoon, carved out of some extremely knotty hawthorn, it looks monstrous, but reminds me that i am getting better despite what i might think, anyway on to Spoonfest. When I found out about Spoonfest I was very excited, both at the chance to improve my carving and to meet some of the people that inspire me such as Robin Wood, Jarrod StoneDahl, Sean Hellman, Steve Tomlin, Barn Carder and of course Jogge Sundqvist.
Spoon shop
 When I first got there my feelings were of disappointment at how shocking my spoon carving efforts were compared to pretty much everyone I met, but I still had a great time sitting and carving with everyone. The evenings presentation by Jogge was great and a video message from Wille Sundqvist told me I was participating in something special. 

Jarrod StoneDahl teaching sheath making with natural materials

I didn't get to go on all of the courses I would have liked, it would have been especially great to have been on one of the Jogge courses on Friday, but it was clear that as much effort as possible was made to make sure that everyone that wanted to could get on at least one of the courses. 
Fritiof Runhall teaching axe work 

I did manage to get on two of the courses I wanted to. Jarrod StoneDahl taught a course on making Birch Bark sheaths, something that I have tried before, but Jarrod showed me how to do it properly. Finally I can throw away the ugly plastic sheaths that came with my Mora knives. Steve Tomlin taught about improving your spoon carving. It was very interesting and helpful, giving an insight into his analytical approach and will hopefully help me to finally get my spoons symmetrical. 

Jogge Sundqvist meeting people  and answering questions

 I was chuffed to bits that my brother Eden came along with us, but in retrospect i think that it's a shame we weren't a bit more sociable as everyone I met was so friendly and there are lots of people that i would have liked to have met properly.

Spoon Gallery

More from the Gallery

By the end of the weekend I felt that i was  part of an international community and so pleased that i could be at the first of what will hopefully be an annual event. Many thanks to Barn, Robin and everyone else that made it such a success. 

Some spoons. Left to Right: Robin,  Steve, me, Jarrod


  1. Nice write up, glad you enjoyed it and nice spoon rack. Love the containers at the bottom too.

  2. Thanks for the nice comments Robin and thank you again for all of the hard work in putting together such a wonderful event.