Monday, 22 October 2012

First commission...

Just a quick one while I'm on here. A friend at work, having seensome of my spoons, enthusiastically asked if I could make a spoon for him as a gift for his wife for Christmas. He is an art teacher and so understands the work and time that goes into making such a thing and was offering me a fair price - unlike those who think I'm weird for carving spoons in the first place and who try to surpress a laugh or choke when I explain how much I sell them for.

I made a spoon, roughly in a Jogge Sundqvist style, out of oak. Not the easiest thing to carve, but he particularly liked the rustic, tooled look, so it didn't need working too much. It looked pretty good and he was so pleased with it he asked could I make a fork, knife and bowl to go with it. Of course, I agreed.

Below is the spoon and my first attempt at a spreader. I'm not very happy with the spreader and will try again, in order to get a handle shape that more fully matches the handle on the spoon.
I'd like to have a go at painting one like this - another time maybe.

I'll post a picture once they are all finished.

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