Friday, 2 November 2012

Winter Carving

I've just managed to spend a couple of hours doing some carving before the light started to fail. I've really struggled to find time to do any carving recently with lots to do on the house and other commitments as well. I didn't manage to do much in the limited amount of time, just split down a birch log and roughed out a spoon, but I had an absolutely fantastic time. The first carving I ever did was in the Winter and this being the first bit of carving I've managed to do this Winter, the memories just came flooding back.

Other than the short days, this is without a doubt my favourite time of year to be working outside. I love the crisp air and having to take my jumper off once i start to warm up. i also love working with Birch and it reminds me of a book I got a few Christmases ago called Celebrating Birch. I found this book very inspiring and the many pictures are wonderful.

It was also nice to have a swing with my Stefan Ronnqvist axe. I still need to put it through it's paces, and I think the handle still needs a bit of tweaking. Anyway, it was a great couple of hours and it reminded me about how much I love this time of year. I can't wait to get outside again. It might take a bit longer to paint the living room now.

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