Sunday, 4 November 2012

Julian 0 - Impatience 1...

I knew I wouldn't be able to wait. I rehandled my axe using my newly carved handle and it feels and works great. With it being ash it's a little light, but so was the last handle I'd put on it so it hasn't upset the balance that I was already used to - I was a little afraid that I'd ruin the feel of my axe all for the sake of it looking 'pretty'.

I know julian said I should leave it a few months so as to allow for maximim shrinkage, and I did leave it about a month and, hey, isn't that what wedges are for anyway?


  1. Hey Richard, thanks for the comments on my blog! Yours is great too and now you have another follower! Its weird you suggested spoon carving, I tried my first one a couple of days ago and am about to post a picture. I really enjoyed it and followed a video tutorial online by Ben Orford, cant wait to make more. If you are ever near here (worcestershire) then you are welcome to all the rhododendron you can fit in your car! Cheers, Tom

  2. Hey Richard, Cheers for your message, the wood purchase is about to complete so soon i will be able to get really stuck in, yes you are welcome to some chestnut also, hopefully i will update my blog soon too, drop me an email if you want tomg at 3dtotal dot com (trying to avoid the spam bots!)