Saturday, 3 November 2012

Fifty-two spoons...

I've got a feeling I might regret this, but... If you look to the right at the top of this blog you'll notice a link to my new blog FIFTY TWO SPOONS. Now, before you click on the link and discover there's nothing on it, that's because this is my pre-new year's resolution - to carve a spoon a week, preferably a different spoon each week, from as many different kinds of wood as I can find, for each of the 52 weeks of 2013. Hence, FIFTY TWO SPOONS.

Why, you may ask? Well, I was getting down on myself the other day, thinking that I need to concentrate on my regular work more and put off my hobbies until the school holidays. Then I got to thinking, if I could avoid bits of wood, knives and axes during the week and concentrate on planning lessons and marking books, then I could probably afford to spend an hour or so over the weekend whittling something. Not only that, but after the year is out, I'll have 52 spoons to show for it.

But I have to make a commitment to the project and take it seriously - no taking a week off. If I go away on holiday, I take my tools and a bit of wood with me. Well, that's the idea, anyway. It'll be interesting to see what I achieve and whether my carving develops over the year. Check back some time in January and see what I produce. Your comments are always welcome.

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