Saturday, 12 January 2013

A small step for man but a giant step for....!!

I am ashamed to admit that, despite carving spoons now for about two years, I have yet to actually use any of my spoons for either cooking or eating. Whenever I give a spoon as a gift I always stress that it is not simply decorative, it can actually be used. What a hypocrite!!

Well, today I lay that ghost to rest. This morning I made porridge using my newest spoon and ate it using a spoon I had made some months ago. It didn't feel at all strange in the mouth. True, the bowl is a little thicker than a conventional metal spoon, but it didn't feel too thick and was smooth and easy to get the food off of with the lips - all in all, just what you'd want from a spoon!

It's hard to make porridge look appetizing, but it was yummy - warm, milky, with maple syrup.

At last I join the ranks of the initiated.

You can read more about the spoon itself on my other blog, fiftytwo spoons, found here:

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