Monday, 21 January 2013

Painted Wooden Bowls

I've really been inspired by the work of Jarrod StoneDahl recently and through his blog have been inspired by bowlturner Jim Sannerud. I especially love the painted bowls and my turning is really something that I'd like to work on improving this year. I've recently turned and painted a couple.

I was quite pleased with these, and then I look at Jarrod and Jim's work and I feel depressed. I guess I just need to keep practicing. I used the egg paint that I  mention in this post and have finally managed to source some natural pigment here.

Check out these sites to see the experts:

Jarrod StoneDahl

Jim Sannerud


  1. NIce looking bowls! I like the one on the left, how you left the rim natural. got quite a bit of movement on these as well. what type of wood did you use?

    1. Thanks for the compliment Jim, that means a huge amount coming from you. I'd love to go on one of your courses, but it's a bit too far. Maybe you'll have to come over to this side of the pond someday. The bowls are both turned from birch, it was quite small diameter wood, so i think that exaggerates the movement. Thanks again for the comment and for checking out the blog.