Sunday, 21 April 2013

Froe Handle...

A job I have been meaning to do for some weeks now is making a handle for my friend, Dave's, new mini froe. I've had some pieces of oak knocking around for a while and have beed meaning to turn a handle, but had not quite gotten round to it. So this weekend, having kept him waiting long enough I was determined to get the job done.

Then on Saturday I realised I had leant Dave the pronged centre for my lathe and, though he had brought it back to me on Friday, I had forgotten to go get it from him at the end of the day. Hence, no centre and no turning this weekend.

However, I was loath to go to school on Monday and explain again that I hadn't done it and he would have to go another week without being able to use his new froe. So, I got a section of oak, trimmed it by axe, shaped it with draw knife on my shave horse, then finished it with a plane and, hey presto - maybe not the nice turned oak handle he'd been hoping for, but at least an interesting hand carved stop-gap to see him through until I get round to making him a better one.

oak froe handle, complete with ash wedge

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  1. I have only just seen this Richard, and it made me realise that I was so surprised to receive this personalised froe handle that I don't think I really let you know just how thrilled and flattered I was that you had taken the time and trouble to make it for me. So,thanks again. Really, really appreciated!! In fact seeing it made be understand why you had spoken about making stool legs an octagonal shape. Visually very pleasing and also nice to look at!! I may well go the 'octagonal' route, when I finally begin to shape the legs for my first oak stool. I have split some oak ready, but have been delayed because I haven't had a shave horse (until I finished making it last weekend)and I don't seem to have found a minute. I am also waiting till cash flow allows a purchase of a 1" tenon cutter (so I have sealed the ends of the leg pieces with car underseal and stored them in the garage. If the weather stays dry, I may attempt some preliminary shaping with the draw knife tomorrow!!