Sunday, 21 April 2013

Spoonfest 2013

Both Richard and myself had a wonderful time last year at Spoonfest, the first international gathering of spoon carvers. In fact we both wrote a post about it:

Richard's post

My post

I'm pretty sure that most people that attended had a great time and the big question was, will there be a Spoonfest 2013? So as soon as it was announced that Spoonfest would be returning this year I made sure that I bought my ticket straight away. This was a mistake. Not because I don't want to go to Spoonfest, I'd love to go to Spoonfest, but I'd forgotten that I was supposed to be going to a wedding on that weekend. Gutted. I put off telling the person whose wedding it is for ages, I don't know why,  it's not like I wanted her to cancel her wedding (ok I did a little bit). I told her this week and was really surprised at her reaction. In my head I'd hoped the conversation would go something like this:

Me: I can't believe how silly I've been, I've only gone and bought a ticket to Spoonfest on the same date   as your wedding. I guess I'll have to try and sell it.  
Her: Spoonfest? What's Spoonfest?
Me: You've never heard of Spoonfest? It's the most important gathering of spoon carvers in the world. Attended by some of the best craftsmen and greenwood workers around. It's set in the Idyllic surroundings of the peak district and is becoming one of the top dates in the woodworking calendar. you won't believe this but, last year Jogge Sundqvist was there and we even had a personal video message from the legend himself, Wille Sundqvist.
Her: Wow! that sounds fantastic. Don't sell your ticket, that sounds way more important than my wedding. In fact now I know about it I might move the wedding forward and go to Spoonfest for my honeymoon.

This is how the conversation actually went:

Me: You're so selfish, I can't believe you've planned your wedding for the same weekend as Spoonfest. I'm going to have to sell my ticket now.
Her: What are you on about? What's Spoonfest?
Me: It's when loads of people get together to carve spoons for a weekend.
Her: You're a weirdo.
Me: But you don't understand, it's the most...
Her: Shut your face, you're going to my wedding.

So that was it. I'm not going to Spoonfest. I'm really upset and have struggled to write this post as I wipe the tears from my eyes. So the purposes of this post are:
1. To tell you all about Spoonfest 2013.
2. To tell you that I have a ticket for sale if anyone's interested.
3. To tell you all to go to Spoonfest so that it's really brilliant and Spoonfest 2014 can build on it's success.
4. To tell you all that diaries, planners and calendars are a good thing to use.

Link to the Spoonfest website

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  1. Just noticed that a lot of people are looking at this old post now (5/8/13) probably in search of photos of spoonfest. I did go for the first two days and have written a post about it, just check out the posts in August.
    The wedding was ok too.