Sunday, 16 June 2013

In good company.....

You will often find me, when out in the garden hewing, axing and carving, or in the shed turning or drilling, wearing a shirt and tie - an outfit generally considered wholly inappropriate for this kind of work.

It is not my work outfit of choice, you understand, but because I wear a shirt and tie all week for school and a suit for church on Sundays, I often can't be bothered to waste time getting changed into scruffs when I'm keen to get on with one job or another. I was very pleased (an vindicated), however, when I came across some photos and footage of some old-time bodgers who were all wearing formal trousers, shirts (some ties) and waistcoats - a very suave look, I think.

It hadn't skipped my attention, having said that, how Sean Hellman always wears a blazer type jacket when doing his woodwork - come on the rest of you, you're letting the side down!

It was nice to spend a little time in the garden today - the weather was good so I took the opportunity to sharpen my knife and hook.

Not only is it good practice to keep your tools sharp, but Julian happened to comment yesterday that he thought I needed a new spoon knife - a finishing knife - so that I can get a better finish on the bowls of my spoons. I agree whole-heartedly, the only problem is that I also need a chip carving knife (though that's more of a 'want' than a 'need' and a new axe - which alone is going to cost me at least £100, so a new spoon knife is going to have to wait. I know what Ju is saying, though, and I perhaps think it's time to get out the scrappers he gave me about a year ago to see if they can help with the finish of my spoons.

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