Sunday, 1 September 2013

It's getting better all the time

Sorry that I haven't posted for ages. Gouging out part of my finger (as mentioned in a previous post) has made it very difficult to make anything. Thankfully it is much better now and is healing quite well. I'm starting to be use it again now without any problems. It still looks pretty bad (my three year old Jesse calls it my 'dirty finger' and won't let me touch him with it) and I think it's going to leave a pretty major scar.

Anyway, I have been able to do something. I painted a couple of bowls last week. The larger one was given a coat of red ochre milk paint and then another coat of a deep blue. I haven't been able to get any blue pigment yet so I just added some blue acrylic paint to the milk paint base. It's worked really well, though it is difficult to capture the effect in a photograph.

 I think it will get even better when it wears and more of the red comes through. Laura likes it and it now resides in our newly decorated hallway.

The second bowl is a very small porringer that will be an eating bowl for Saxon, my eight month old. I love the painted effect on the carved sections and again, it will only get better with wear.

I also managed to do some small turning. I've finished one little pot (except for a coat of paint) and I have three more waiting for lids. I look forward to finishing these off and doing much more woodwork now my finger is mended. It's just a shame that the holiday is over.

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  1. Thats quite a lot getting done with a 'dirty finger'! Hope Richards finger is also getting better.