Saturday, 28 September 2013

The National Forest Wood Fair - Beacon Hill Country Park, Leicester

I know the title to this post is a bit of a mouthful, but let's cut to the chase. This fair has been running for a number of years now and I have missed it each year as it clashes with the Isle of Wight vintage scooter rally, which my brothers and I had been attending to feed our love for old Vespas and Lamberettas. My friend Dave at work, once he heard of my dirty spoon carving secret, told me how he and his family had been a few times and that I really should go as it was right up my street. So, this August bank holiday, I bought a family ticket (only £20 for two adults and three children) and we headed off.

Don't have much time to do this post justice, suffice it to say, we loved it, I will definately go agin and next year would like to do some spoon carving demos. There was a huge variety of furniture makers, basket weavers, bodgers, pole lathe turners - then there were lathes, shave horses, chopping blocks and tools galore.

Here are a few photos - put it in your diary for next year - easy access for those in the midlands.
Me with Mike Abbott - got to get on one of his chair courses.

Ruth hand raising a pork pie in the display tent.

My kids on the climbing wall - no extra charge.

I've got to have a go at one of these - plenty of hazel around Leicester.

Lots of tools, but no bargains - way out of my price range.

Midlands round of the bodgers 'log to leg' race

These were the nicest spoons there - Martin Damen's - beautiful. I really love the tiny ladles on a string.

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