Saturday, 23 November 2013


A while back I watched a short video of a talk by Gabriel Branby, CEO of Gransfors Bruks AB. In it he talks about how he turned Gransfors around from a failing company to what it is today. One of the things he mentioned was the idea that the products should come with some kind of information about them. I think the quote was: 'less mass, more information'. For this reason every Gransfors axe comes with a copy of their axe book.

This is a 36 page booklet, which provides information about their products, but also about axe use in general.

Another Swedish axe company, Wetterlings, provides a similar booklet with their products, though on a much smaller scale.

I've always wanted to create some kind of booklet to include with the products that we sell. In the past we've made a little information leaflet with some information about who we are, how we make our products and how to care for them. This week I sent a bowl off to it's new owner and included the first version of our little booklet. It's very humble in comparison to pretty much anything, but it's a start and hopefully our customers will appreciate it.

And here's the talk by Gabriel Branby if anyone's interested.

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  1. Thank you for the info, it is a great idea to give people some info on the product they by and the craftsman that made it!!