Sunday, 1 June 2014

Mora 120 refurb

Those of you that read this blog regularly (I think there are four of you, three if I don't include you Mom) will know that I've been through a period of illness recently. During this period, especially at my lowest point, a friend gave me a lot of help and support, which I was very grateful for. I wanted to give him something to say thank you, and as he had done some carving before and shown natural ability, i thought it would be nice to make him a carving knife.

The blade is from the much loved Mora 120. You can buy these blades new, but I found it very easy to just clamp the handle of a 120 I already had and, using a nail and a hammer, knock the blade out of the handle.

The bolster is made from reindeer antler and the rest of the handle is Yew. I haven't made a knife for a while, but this has given me the bug again and I'll probably make a few more now. I might do a tutorial next time of the process that I use.

I also took the opportunity to use my new Husqvarna sewing machine to make a little bag for it with a fastening that uses a button made from a Yew twig.


  1. Cracking job well done, the handle is something special...

  2. I'll order one, but it will have to be the 106 as the 120 always nips me
    Or do you do tutorials.

    1. I think I might do a tutorial, but I either need to sort out some lighting in my workshop (garage) or set up an outside workshop.

  3. This is a nice gift to give to a special friend.

    Oh, and I think there are a few more people who look into your blog regularly, the just don´t comment that often ;-)

  4. Well with the current weather I suggest you get your lighting sorted in the garage. Looking forward to more postings then,