Thursday, 10 October 2013

Fantastic Bowls

Having made my first carved bowl I've now got the bug and have been looking in to different ideas and designs. That's when I came across the work of David Fisher. His bowls are absolutely amazing and his website is inspirational. When I first saw his website I thought that he must be a professional bowl carver, but when I read more I discovered that he's a History teacher like me. I guess I've got no excuse. Check out his website here and enjoy this great video of the man at work.


  1. Julian,
    I just wanted to chime in on David Fisher. I had the luck of working with him for three days last summer, and he is just fantastic. Entirely self taught, but the skill he exhibits is just amazing. Since he is a teacher by trade he is good at giving pointers while still letting you do the work and the learning. Great guy and an amazing craftsperson.

  2. Thanks for the comment Eric. I would love to do a course with David. There is quite a long list of the people I would like to do a course with. One day maybe.