Saturday, 5 October 2013

Just beautiful spoons...

This is a cheap post as I'm just going to post pictures of someone else's work. But I make no appologies.

For a long time now Julian and I (and I'm sure hundreds of other spoon carvers) have been big fans of Jarrod Stonedahl work. I have been following his blog for a couple of years and was very excited when I discovered he was not only going to be attending the first (and subsequently second) Spoonfest, and was then equally gutted that I was unable to get on his workshop.
The white spoon is one of my favourites and if I could reproduce that I could die happy (sorry, a little hyperbole)
Any way, seeing his spoons at Spoonfest was a revelation to me. The ones he had for sale sold fast - Julian managed to get the last one and I know he has posted about it before - it's the spoon he eats breakfast with each morning. There is something about Jarrod's spoons which on a fundamental design and aesthetic level simply talks to me.They are delicate, perfectly preportioned and, well the only word I can think of is 'authentic'. Though I am sure they are his own design, there is something about them which to me is timeless and remeniscent, not so much of the Scandinavian spoons which are understandably very popular, but of Colonial American and Edwardian British - good, sensible, wooden spoons with a hint of decoration.

Not only that, but Jarrod often paints and then distresses his spoons, making them look ageless and antique - whether this is an intentional look or not I don't really know, all I know is I love them!

So, when I looked on his blog this week and saw the new spoons he has been making, I nearly swooned (ok, a little more hyperbole perhaps, but I just can't say how much I really admire these shapes). They are as well made as ever, but with one or two tiny little twists and embelishments which I haven't seen before. I just love the little 'horns', 'scrolls', call them what you will, that extend down from the handle to the top profile of the bowl. Not to mention the tiny, almost un-noticeable notches on the shoulders of the end of the spoon.

If you have not seen these spoons before, have a look and buy if you like. I know I for one will get one as soon as I can and will then be endlessly trying to copy his exquisit style. Check out his blog - so much more than spoon carving.

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