Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Bowls number 7

This weeks bowl is actually two bowls. Sorry I didn't manage to get them on for Sunday, but I wanted to give them a bit of time to dry out before I painted them.

Most of the bowls I've turned recently have been pretty big (around 10 inches), so this time I decided to halve that and do some 5 inch bowls. From the smell I reckon the wood is maple, but I'm not 100%. Unfortunately it was pretty knotty and so both bowls have a knot. It was good practice though and being that much smaller meant that I could turn them both pretty quickly in succession. The inspiration for them comes from Jarrod Stonedahl one of my favourite craftsmen. He calls them ale bowls so I guess they have their tradition in historic drinking bowls. I particularly like the way that Jarrod paints his bowls and so I have likewise gone for a two tone effect (red on green and blue on red). I need to do a bit more experimenting with my painting as it seems to be a bit hit and miss. The recipe i used for the paint comes from Robin Wood's blog and can be found here.

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