Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Dessert spoons...

Here is my latest quartet of eating/dessert spoons. They are carved from ash, which is not the easiest wood to carve, but I like the fact that it is a traditional kitchen wood and has been used in this country for hundreds of years. The wood came from a fairly young tree that had blown down in the crazy weather we have been experiencing here.


This is my first real attempt at a basket-weave pattern - something I've been intending to do
for a while and I'm quite pleased with my first efforts. You can't see from the photo but I chose to actually
profile the bands so they are actually rounded on the surface.

I've begun a hanging rack for them and will perhaps post again when it's finished.
I quite enjoyed the carving and kolrossing, but having seen our lunch today, my wife says I'm getting carried away and going too far!
Kolrossed butter baked potatoes -Mmmmmm

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  1. Very nice spoons and the tatties look rather nice too ;)