Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Coffee spoons....

I have seen this design of spoon a few times now, most recently on Jarrod Stonedahl's blog (check it out if you're interested) and really quite like it, so thought I'd have a go. I think it holds about a teaspoon and for that reason would be perfect for making hot drinks, hence why I have called it a coffee spoon - not that I drink coffee, or tea for that matter. But I do eat puddings and desserts, and I think it would be perfect for that too.

These two are made from apple, but I think I'll have a go at doing some in ash as well. It's a fairly plain design, slightly cranked, with a thin, shallow bowl and a very thin handle. The ones I have seen before have fluting going lengthways along the bowl, something that I have seen Fritiof Runhall do in his spoons and I am guessing that the spoon on Jarrod's blog is one of his. It's a lovely effect and, since it would mean carving with the grain, it's a technique which would be very difficult and take a lot of care and control in order for the tool not to bite too deeply into the wood as it lifts the grain. I don't have a tool with a radius small enough to do it, but would like to give it a go another time, perhaps.
Roughed out.

side view

Front view - perfect with tiffin.

rear view

Side view.

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