Monday, 10 March 2014

Bowl no. 10

This one is a bit different from the bowls I've been turning lately. The blank that I started with was a bit of an odd shape, so it just evolved into this.

I used to have a ceramic bowl like it, with a cut out and holes for the chopsticks, so the design is based on that. Unfortunately it kind of went wrong towards the end and started to chatter. This means that it was vibrating too much towards the end and you can't get a smooth cut with the tool. I'm hoping that it was just that it wasn't mounted properly on the lathe and not that the bearings are worn.

The bowl still functions though and it just looks like it's been carved a bit around the edge.


  1. Really beautiful work, I think this one is best you made. The wood and shape goes together very naturally.

    All the best wishes
    Forest Turtle

  2. Excellent solution to erratic events. Have you tried making chopsticks? A little block plane and a v slot cut in a board and they are quick and fun to make.