Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Bowl with a skirt

This is my latest bowl to make up for the last one (which I think is a bit boring). It's another spalted sycamore one and includes a carved skirt. It's very much inspired by the work of Jim Sannerud.

Carving the end grain was tricky, especially considering the brittleness of the spalted wood, but it turned out ok. I'd definitely like to try something like this again and experiment with different carved patterns. I also need to think about ways to lay out the design. I'm not very good at working free hand so I made a little cardboard template to help, but it's still pretty tricky when you're working around a curve.


  1. Hi Julian,
    Love the spalted sycamore, very interesting shape.
    What do you think about designing a bowl, using only segments of the golden spiral?

  2. Hi Maggie, yes it is for sale. It costs £30 plus postage. I'll be putting a bowls for sale page up in the next couple of weeks or you can contact me at: holtandheath@outlook.com

    Frischesholz, I confess that I'm not familiar with the golden spiral. I'll have to look it up.