Sunday, 30 March 2014

Bowl no.13

This week's bowl includes two things I've wanted to try for some time. I've seen chip carving done on bowls before and like the style. I don't like it when it's too fancy, but I think a simple chip carved decoration can have a bit of a pre 20th century scandinavian look (I might be making that up, but it's what I think of).

The other thing that I thought I'd have a go at is a medieval style repair. I'd seen pictures of bowls that had been repaired in Robin Wood's book 'The Wooden Bowl', and I really like the effect. I know that it's a bit strange as it's essentially a fault, but when I noticed a little crack in the end grain I decided to have a go at patching it up.

I love the way that the bowl has distorted as it's dried. With opposing peaks, it almost looks like a carved bowl. I'm not so happy with the paint job. There's a massive difference in the way the paint has taken on the end grain compared to the side grain, but I hope that it will get better with age.

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