Saturday, 5 April 2014

Spoon knife case

I have a few spoon knives and most of them live with my other knives in a little canvas tool roll. But my Robin Wood spoon knife has a much longer handle, so it won't fit in my roll. I used to protect the edge by wrapping it with leather, which works well, but I wanted something a bit better.

Burning the recess for the blade was a bit tedious and It may have ruined the heat treatment of the knife (not really, I used a bit of scrap metal). I'll probably have a go at another one soon as it should really be turned the other way around so that the edge of the blade faces in towards the case. I'm happy with it as a first attempt though. I'd also like to make a double one like one made by Jogge Sundqvist that I saw at the first Spoonfest.

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