Thursday, 17 April 2014

Bowl no.15

I guess this one is pretty similar to the last, same wood and carved decoration. The idea with this one, however, was for the carved are to be more subtle, with just a slight ridge to carve out of. I probably should have done a before and after shot of the carved area to illustrate what I mean.

The bowl is bigger (about 10" diameter) and the notches cut out are a lot smaller. This made it a bit more difficult to mark out, but once I got the hang of it it was a lot quicker to do as each notch was just three cuts: one in the centre and then one coming towards the centre cut from each side.

not having the defined area to carve made it more difficult to get the notches all of a uniform size as the top and bottom were not marked out. You can also see where some of the centre cuts went too far and extend beyond the notch. I'm not too worried about this though, it made me think about something I read on another wood worker's blog (I think it was Simon Hill). He mentioned that while doing a course at Spoonfest with Janharme te Brugge, JanHarme said not to worry about little mistakes in the carved decoration of spoons as it just emphasises that this is something made by hand and not by a machine. I hope it applies to bowls as well.

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