Sunday, 20 April 2014

Some animated spoons...

It's Easter holidays for those of us who work in schools and, whilst I haven't spent as much time as I would have liked making spoons or carving generally, I have made a few. Sorry if you hate these little GIF. videos - it was my daughter's idea and I guess it does give you an idea of scale and three dimensional shape.

This first one I carved yesterday out of really quite seasoned....oh, I've forgotten what it was. It looks a bit like ash, and I do have some ash in the garden. Either way, it was hard carving, but gives a nice definition on the cuts. This is a little eating spoon I have made as a gift for a friend who I have not really seen since at school, 30 years ago and then turns out to be the mum of a young lady one of my teenage nephews is dating. Bear in mind foreshortening and use my daughters fingers as reference for size, not her head - this is a dainty little spoon.

This second one is birch, a lot bigger, a proper serving spoon, based on one Julian bought from a charity shop which I'm guessing is eastern European. Nothing decorative, but very practical.

And this last one is birch again, An eating spoon, heavily cranked with a little kolrossing rubbed with paprika.

I will take and post additional photos with a bit more clarity and a little less headache!

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