Saturday, 3 January 2015

New Years Turning

I turned this pair of bowls over the last couple of days using the final Birch log of a few I managed to score at the Elvaston Woodland Festival. The second of the two ended up with three knots in the rim that weren't apparent on the blank.

As soon as I saw them I anticipated that they would cause the bowl to crack, but when I looked at it this morning I was surprised to see that it had cracked on the end grain instead.

This may have been my fault as I didn't bother to submerge it in wet shavings for a while, which is what I usually do. The reason that I didn't use the wet shavings trick is that the last time I did, with bowls from the same tree, it ended up showing a bit of mould. It could just be one of those things, but I can't help feeling a bit responsible for this one.

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