Sunday, 4 January 2015


One of my Christmas presents was Jogge Sundqvist's book Schnitzen. It's a lovely little hardback book with some fantastic colour photographs and line drawings, which is a good job because the text is in German. I could really do with brushing up on my Deutsche and by brushing up I mean learn some. Unless the text includes the phrases: ' I am 36 years old', 'what would you like to drink?' or 'it is very cold', I'm lost.

It's a real shame that it hasn't been translated into English, but I appreciate that there is not a huge amount of money to be made in craft books and translation costs money. Oh well, I will live in hope and enjoy the pictures until either a translation materialises or my German improves.

One thing that really stands out in the pictures is Jogge's carved decoration and bright paints, so last night I sat with Laura watching TV and pimped my Dave Budd hook knife and case in homage to Jogge.

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  1. Really nice carving Julian, I like the free flow of your chip carving. Mine is still very "classic".
    Have a look at my latest post, maybe you will recognise one of the photos ;-)