Saturday, 28 April 2012

Modified Marples adze...

I've wanted an adze for a long time. I really like some of the bowls and especially dough troughs I've seen others make with them, but they can work out very expensive, especially when I probably wouldn't use it that often (Svante Djarv adzes begin at 890 Swedish Krona, which is about £81.50).

I found this Marples adze at a car boot - still not a bargain. After trying it out I found the handle was too long and, once you wanted to get any depth to a bowl, actually fouled the edge of whatever it was you were carving, preventing you from getting in there properly. So, I decided to cut off the handle and shorten it. It now works much better, though I've still yet to actually get round to actually making a bowl.

I've since re-ground the cutting edge as well as this one, you will notice, is on the outside while others I had seen on green woodworking sites are on the inside - or is it the other way round? I don't remember.

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