Sunday, 29 April 2012

Wooden Stool

My brother Richard has invited me to be an author on this blog and so I thought I would begin with my most recent make. This is my first attempt at making a piece of furniture. I wanted to have a go at something simple (I dream of making a chair one day), and so I decided to make a stool for my son.

This was partly inspired by the fact that my Mom has a stool that her father made (her dad was an instrument case maker and died when she was very young). This stool looks nothing like it and is very rustic (which is how i intended it), but I love the fact that it was made by me straight from a log. My son loves it as well.

It was great to see the shavings pile up next to my shave horse after its first proper work out. It doesn't look like I'll be using it again for a while.

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