Saturday, 28 April 2012

More homemade knives...

Whist lately I have been making my own blades out of old files, I first made scandinavian type 'Bushcraft' knives with laminated handles and full tang blades that I bought off the internet. I've made and sold quite a few of these now and on the whole have been very pleased with the results.

this was a gift for my friend nigel
who had given me a load of wood,
incukding this very nice ebony,
an offcut from a violin chin rest
gutting knife made for a retiring policeman
who likes to go rabbiting
Most gratifying, most of these have been bought by friends who have then gone on to actually use the knives for fishing, shooting, rabitting, etc, so I know they are practical tools as well as unique, one off knives.

I've tried a variety of brands and particularly like the Helle blades - high quality laminted steel that comes sharpened and holds a wicked sharpe edge.

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