Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Some of my interests...

There are a few people whose blogs I follow religiously – literally! Sunday morning, before church, while Roo is catching up on the latest Vampire Diaries, I have a quick look at my favourite blogs and the tenor of my day is often dictated by whether or not there are new postings. Since  I don’t know how to add links yet, nor whether they would wish to be linked to my apology for a blog,  I’ll just tell you which ones I think are worth following – this will no doubt prove to be an endless and ever expanding list.

Robin Wood –the godfather of green wood working – pole lathe turner, spoon carver, Japanese woodworker, president (I think?) of the Heritage Crafts Association, lover and promoter of all things beautiful -

Peter Follansbee – carver, joiner, expert in seventeenth century  joined furniture, tool fanatic, bird watcher and general, all-round genius -

Barn the Spoon aka Barn Carder – fulltime jobbing spoon carver, teacher and connoisseur of the wooden spoon - I love his instructional videos - gritty and as it is -

Sean Hellman – woodworker, designer, sculptor, photographer – seems to know something about most things and from what I’ve seen of him online, a thoroughly helpful chap -

Lloyd Kahn - editor-in-chief of Shelter Publications, tiny homes enthusiast, photographer, skateboarder and general all-round interesting bloke -

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