Sunday, 2 December 2012

Student piece....

My rhododendron spoon - styled after a Jarrod Stonedhal spoon
Lately I am in the habit of carrying a small rhododendron eating spoon in my trouser pocket and I sometimes take it out during lesson time and absentmindedly play with it while I am talking. If any of my students notice it and ask me about it I simply tell them it is my lucky spoon and leave it at that. One of my 10 year old students, a bright little girl in my top group, asked a little more and was very interested when I explained that I had carved it my self, that I often carved spoons and that I had a blog about it. She then went on to tell me that she had carved spoons herself.

She brought them in a couple of days later and I photographed them and told her I would post them on my blog. So here they are, Eleanor's handcarved cuttlery:

It was cool to see someone so young showing an interest in carving and even better to see that they were actually used - she said her dad used them for curry spices.

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