Sunday, 12 January 2014

Bowl no. 2

So far so good, two bowls in two weeks. I know that to many that might not sound like a big deal, but with a full time job that doesn't include making bowls and two young children, it can sometimes feel like a mammoth task. Anyway, this is another one in apple, this time painted with blue over white paint.

In truth it was a pig to turn as there was a rather large hidden knot (which you can still see on the rim) which caused a problem in its self but also meant that there was some twisted grain that needed to be dealt with. There is some very subtle carving which I think works well.

As it's quite small (about 7 inches) I wanted to turn it nice and thin. I don't have a strong light behind the lathe, but still managed to see a change in colour as the wall thinned.

Sorry about the poor pictures. My memory card has broken so a phone will have to suffice.

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