Saturday, 18 January 2014

More cooking....

I promise I'm not going to make this a regular thing, but just to let you know I can put my money (or spoons) where my mouth is, and that I am actually going to start using my spoons, here are the spoons I used today:
This is where some of my spoons live, on the kitchen windowsill. 

This is one of my 52 spoons, but I never showed it with the decoration on the handle. It's kolrossing with a paste of paprika and water rubbed into it. Unfortunately, it stained the whole handle so I had to rub it back with sand-paper, which actually gave it an older, more vintage look.

We call this simple chicken dish 'Angela Chicken', named after our American friend Angela Jones who taught us how to make it. It's chicken breast, fried in the wok with black pepper, leek, sweet peppers and frozen peas. Add a tub (or two) of low fat cream cheese, a splash of cream and milk to loosen it up a bit, and simmer till chicken is cooked through. A tasty, quick week night meal.

Served on rice, using my 'tortoise shell' serving spoon.

I'm still being a bit precious and rather than leaving the spoons in the washing up bowl, I wiped them straight down with warm soapy water and returned them to the jar.

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  1. Careful now, it's ok to use them to stir a cake mix, but one of those beauties is far too close to a flame for comfort. If my wife sees this, she'll be using my spoons on the BBQ! (It would be the best place for them)
    Best of luck with not being so precious,