Saturday, 18 January 2014

Someone stage an intervention....

It's official - I'm addicted to spoon carving!
I came in from a really busy week last Friday; I ate and did some school work and was determined to get an early night. Then I made the fatal error of just looking at a few of the blogs I like to follow and, after seeing some of the spoons that other people had been carving I simply couldn't resist the urge to fumble around in the back garden for a bit of wood and, at 11:30, when I was too tired to be trusted with an axe and it was too dark to see which finger I was most likely to loose, I carved this little spoon.

There's nothing particularly special about it - it's carved from ash and is now waiting for some form of decoration on the handle, but it's significant in the fact that it was the one where I had to admit how much I need to carve.

1 comment:

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