Friday, 12 July 2013

Axe helves....

Julian and I had been asked about the possibility of running some greenwood workshops at a private wood in Leicestershire, where they are beginning to develop an outdoor centre. In preparation for this, in order to ensure we have tools enough, Julian has given me four of his carboot axe heads that needed sharpening and rehandling.

I began with the two kent pattern heads. I didn't clean them up any (perhaps I'll get a wire brush on them - I always do things in the wrong order) but sharpened them at the weekend until they are shave-sharp - in other words sharp enough to shave a patch of hair from my leg - not sure if this is a traditional method of testing sharpness, but it works for me - so long as I'm not intending to wear shorts.

This week I made a couple of smple handles out of kiln dried oak - off cuts that my friend Dave gave me, from his neighbour who is a kitchen builder - prifile cut on the bandsaw at work then chamfered and finished with a knife.

They feel pretty good in the hand and I think I'll give them a try-out on a spoon this weekend.

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