Thursday, 11 July 2013

From log to bowl

Laura's brother is visiting with us from London at the moment (he came up to see The Kings of Leon with us, they were fantastic). I think that Laura had made a picnic style lunch using several of my wooden bowls, so when I got home from work this evening her brother asked if I would make one for him. So considering that he had shown an interest, I decided to make it this evening, so that he could see the process. It's not the best bowl I've ever turned, but I enjoyed the challenge of making it as quickly as I could. I also enjoyed the fact that he could see the whole process, from splitting the log to carving my initials in the base. The coolest thing is that he will use it as an eating bowl.


  1. Would have been nice to put some pictures of the production process... Maybe next time :)
    The Woodcipsmaker.

  2. I had the exact same thought, but to be honest I just didn't have time. I will do next time.