Tuesday, 9 July 2013

I nice bit of wood.....

Some time ago, probably a couple of years ago, Ju gave me a slab of oak burr that he had picked up from a car-boot. It has since sat in my shed waiting to have some attention lavished upon it.

One of the first projects I undertook was making my own knife, and I have made several since, using both bought blades and ones I have made myself from old file blades. Knowing that I would like to make some more over the summer I thought I should get the oak burr cut into usable sections and so took it into school where Pete, the design technician, very kindly battoned it on the circular saw.

I knew it had lots of cracks and irregularities, but hoped there would be enough good stuff to use - I was very pleased with the results.

There are a lot of cracks, but I think if I fill them with epoxy resin, they should be absolutely fine, and look actually very good with lots of character. So, watch this space for some new knives with snazzy oak handles.

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