Sunday, 21 July 2013

Wait ages for one, then three come at once (well six actually)

I mentioned in a previous post my delight at finding an old style mortice chisel. I'd looked for one for ages at the boot sale I go to most Saturdays. Well it seems like they're coming out of the woodwork now. I picked up the other two a couple of weeks ago. The biggest one is an absolute beast, almost a full inch. Then last week I picked up these three.

The one has a broken handle and the two unhandled ones are the same size as one of my others, but I couldn't resist them considering how long I'd waited. The main reason I wanted this type of mortice chisel is that they are the type used in Peter Follansbee and Jennie Alexander's excellent book Make a Joint Stool from a Tree. It really is a beautiful book crammed with colour photographs. Even if you don't plan on making a joint stool, but have an interest in traditional woodwork, I would recommend it.

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