Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Long Hot Summer...

Let's hope so. Certainly not a bad start, the weather recently has been fantastic. We spent the weekend near London visiting some friends, but I still had the opportunity to sit in their garden and finish off a spoon.

We hadn't seen our friends in about two years and it was great to catch up. We took them a little gift of some hand carved kitchen ware.

I've just packed this next bowl up ready to send to my friend Simon Hill. Simon is an excellent green woodworker. He also runs courses and supplies some great tools from makers like Gransfors, Svante Djarv and Hans Karlsson. Check out his blog and his tool shop.

In exchange for the bowl Simon sent me this lovely little engraving knife by Magnus Sundelin. You can buy the knives from his shop. I look forward to giving it a try and I'll no doubt put a review on here.


  1. That spoon is a nice little bugger, but what I really like is the print on your envelope! Did you do it with linoleum print? It really adds value when unpacking something and one receives the accompanying note in a nicely designed "jacket".
    Regards Frederik

  2. Thank you and yes it is a lino print that Richard cut. He's very talented at making these, both with doing the cutting and the design. There's something wonderful about this kind of printing. Every print is unique and the imperfections give it a certain charm.